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Premium Performance

  • Prise parfaite
    Adhérence exceptionnelle et tenue de route optimale dans toutes les situations de conduite
  • Le plus haut standard de sécurité
    Des distances de freinage courtes sur des surfaces sèches et mouillées, ainsi qu’une adhérence et une sécurité élevées sur les routes sinueuses
  • Composé de silice
    Notre composé de gomme avancé réduit la résistance au roulement pour une consommation de carburant moindre et émissions de CO2
  • Confort de conduite
    Confort de conduite maximal et niveau sonore réduit, même à grande vitesse

Tailles de pneus



GTT – Green Tire Technology
We care about our environment throughout the manufacturing process and throughout the life of the Syron tires. The new technologies allow minimizing the harmful effects of the tires on the environment and achieving more durability and longevity at the same time. All Syron tires are manufactured according to EU guidelines without HA oils, low-emission and ecological materials.

cetCET – Cooling Eye Technology
A tread structure specially developed for Ultra High Performance tires, which provides a better heat dissipation and cooling. This achieves a safer tire cover at high speed.


dtcDTC – Double Tread Casing
This is a special production technique that ensures comfort and a steady mileage. While the substructure of the tire bead is compressed by complex production procedures, the upper layer is softer and more flexible. This leads to an optimized grip, excellent steering precision and safe handling.

wepWEP – Wheel Edge Protection
The protection of the specially reinforced edges protects the rim against deterioration when driving off against the curb.


tstTST – Triple Step Technology
The corners of the three-leveled edges integrate directly next to the rubber blocks to ensure a safe directional stability. At the same time, the three-leveled edges give the drivers information on the depth of the tread of the tire. Therefore, this technology can also be used as a reliable indicator.

wdsWDS – Water Drainage Surface
The contact surface of the Syron tire has been optimized for the best possible water drainage. This tire has more projecting main and side channels with a larger volume which can absorb the water quickly when wet and also quickly deduce it. This increases the safety margins in wet roads and reduces the risk of aquaplaning.

rcaRCA-Rectangular Contact Area
Thanks to an intelligent tread structure, the surface contact area between tire and road, receives a homogeneous rectangular shape. This causes an even wear pattern throughout the life of the tire, a shorter braking distance and prevents the tire from being worn just on one side.

sttSTT – Silence Tread Technology
The Silent Tread Technology is used for the design of the Syron tires tread. The optimized tread patterns enhance the driving experience with reduced noise and less vibration transmission. The tires are thus more comfortable, because you can neither hear nor feel them.




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