22,5 inch

Steer axle

KTIR 225 F4

  • Good Grip and steering
  • Excellent abrasion resistance and high mileage
  • Even signs of wear
  • Stable carcass construction
  • Good characteristics on wet underground during Aquaplaning
  • Good velocity performance
Drive axle

KTIR 225 D4 (M+S)

  • The 4 straight profile grooves provide optimum water evacuation, a uniform pressure balance and good dissipation of heat
  • The block tread pattern provides excellent traction and braking force
  • The reinforced carcass and the strong tire deliver a stunning driving performance and safety and an excellent load capacity
  • The asymmetric tunnel design combines high mileage with excellent traction
  • The M+S sign indicates the ability for driving on mud and snow

KTIR 225 T2 (M+S)

  • The 4 serrated profile grooves prevent lateral outbreak and offer optimum water dispersion
  • The wear-resistant rubber compound and optimized tread pattern ensure high mileag
  • The wide tread provides excellent stability and wear resistance

Tire sizes

K-TIR 225 F4 (M+S) – Steer axle

K-TIR 195 D4 (M+S) – Drive axle

K-TIR 225 T2 (M+S) – Trailer




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