Semi Slick

Passenger - Semi Slick


Approved semi-slick racing tire for passenger cars with high speed

Power, quick reaction, endurance and know-how. This is the transfer of the king of motor sports on road tires.

The STREET RACE is the new innovative product of the ultra-high performance tire segment of SYRON, designed for an optimal use on race tracks and roads.


Use of semi-slick tires on public roads:

The SYRON STREET RACE it’s been approved for use on public roads. However, we recommend considering the following special instructions.

When used in normal traffic, the semi-slick tire is compared with a high performance road tire, the following applies:

  • They offer a relatively low comfort. This is because the steel-reinforced sidewall that provides optimum stability in the track.
  • They are more prone to rutting of surface irregularities. The reason for this is also the particular construction and the steel-reinforced side wall through which a reinforcement of the tire is achieved.
  • They wear out much faster. The material is designed for the best possible grip, not primarily to the longest possible shelf life.
  • Due to its special construction and the materials used, they are slippery when cold. Especially in cold and / or wet weather conditions increase caution.
  • They are more prone to aquaplaning, especially with low tread depth (1.5 mm 3).
  • On wet roads and especially in heavy rain, they should be run at a moderate speed.


  • Reinforced machine base: for greater stability at high speeds.
  • Steel bumps: These offer improved control and greater steering precision.
  • A unique and complete tire contact area
  • Shockproof carcass
  • The proven hook-shaped tread from the Syron RACE Family ensures an excellent traction and smooth handling
  • Sophisticated tread design with a unique SYRON look.
  • Cooling Eyes (inside and outside) for a good
  • High-performance asymmetrical tires: for an even pressure distribution and uniform wear.
  • Cooling of the tire under extreme loads

Tire sizes


cetCET – Cooling Eye Technology
A tread structure specially developed for Ultra High Performance tires, which provides a better heat dissipation and cooling. This achieves a safer tire cover at high speed.


dtcDTC – Double Tread Casing
This is a special production technique that ensures comfort and a steady mileage. While the substructure of the tire bead is compressed by complex production procedures, the upper layer is softer and more flexible. This leads to an optimized grip, excellent steering precision and safe handling.

wepWEP – Wheel Edge Protection
Die speziell angebrachten Schutzkanten auf den Seitenflanken schützt die Felge vor Beschädigungen durch Anfahren der Bordsteinkante.


rcaRCA-Rectangular Contact Area
Thanks to an intelligent tread structure, the surface contact area between tire and road, receives a homogeneous rectangular shape. This causes an even wear pattern throughout the life of the tire, a shorter braking distance and prevents the tire from being worn just on one side.

rrcRRC – Race Ready Compound
Thanks to the latest technology, the rubber compound from the Syron tires provides an extremely high track power and maximum grip at the limit. The effect: a reliable, predictable handling and perfect vehicle acceleration.




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