Four reasons why you should choose SYRON

marke_001  Reliable Brand quality

All SYRON High Performance Tires are tested in multiple stages of development and verified through a continuous inspection and tests as well. SYRON Tires can be used under various climatic conditions. It has been tested under different conditions and circumstances which ensures first class quality guarantee for international use. Continuous quality improvement and TU and TÜV (German Association for Technical Inspection) certification standards flow into the development process to promote our long term innovation to provide customer satisfaction.

nature Conservation of Environment

To guarantee an environmentally compatible mobility, SYRON High Performance Tires aligned with the  technologies in manufacturing process to minimize the damage to the environment. We comply with the EU Guidelines in our production and use environmentally compatible materials. Our product BlueTech brings the Ecology progress and environmental friendly aspects are brought into motion.

cup_001  Best value for money

SYRON High Performance tires appeared in two of the biggest Quality Inspection Magazines “Promobil” and “Lastauto Omnibus”. Our product “Everest 1” has been awarded as the winner for “Best Value for money”. With these performance criteria, we meet the requirements of economical prices and high quality. Additionally, this tyre has also acquired best rating in “External rolling noise” criteria. Based on these accomplishments, we progress on new product designs and innovations which leads on to develop high quality tires.

win  Victory in Motorsport

SYRON High Performance Tires represents strongly the foundation of the brand with Ultra High performance and semi Slick racing tires in motorsport. Elite drifters in Europe Alexander and Corinna Gräff of “Gräff Team”  achieved victory in motorsport with our product ” SYRON Race 1 Plus”. Further Drifting-sports has been done using the product SYRON StreetRace.


From idea to finished product